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12. 03. 2007

2007 Holiday Gift Guide: Big gifts


The holidays is the one time of year when you might not feel so guilty splurging a bit on your kids. We don't often buy toys outside of Christmas and birthdays so the we've given the Kid a play kitchen and a tricycle over the past few holidays. Not sure what the big item will be this year at our house, but in the first installation of the 2008 Babygadget Gift Guide, we present some of our picks for that special big ticket gift.


I have oft admired this graceful polar bear rocker by David Netto. And aren't the holidays just the perfect excuse to indulge! Crafted from solid oak, it should last for generations to come. $295 (Justine).


I admit that I'm not completely sold on the look of this Mushroom Forest Table - it's a bit too Alice in Wonderland for my taste (if I were to be in the market for a table and chair set that cost a small fortune, that is), but I keep looking at it because it's unlike anything out there. I do love the multi-level design of the various table tops and stools and I could totally see the kid all over this thing, arranging all her little figurines and play furniture as she does every day. But this Mushroom Forest would be about 100 times more fun to play on than her standard, one surface table. $985 (Jenna).


We're getting this Wheely Bug Bee for Baby C this year. She won't be able to ride it yet and so it'll get sabotaged by the Kid, no doubt, but she'll have fun rolling it around. Of all the various ride on toys for little tots I've seen, the Wheely Bug has the smoothest ride and all kids seem to go crazy for it. $64.95 (Jenna).


Hot off the holiday presses! Mahar DryGoods just announced that advent of Roebuck Studio's beautifully handcrafted furniture. Crafted from baltic birch plywood, which is strong, lightweight, and stable, this series is made locally to the highest environmental and safety standards. The collection includes two adorable chick chairs (one pictured above and a reclining one), a rocker, and a table and chair set. All available in six colors. $210 (Justine).


I've written about this treehouse before, and I'm still contemplating it as a purchase. The kid gets so frustrated by her dollhouse because it's a bit hard to really get in there and access all the rooms in the house, so the open, spacious layout of the treehouse really appeals. $129.98 (Jenna).


As a child, I remember hours of fun with stilts, but none so handsome as these. Made in Germany by Tau, their birch frame sports a festive red veneer. $245 (Justine).


I briefly mentioned this delightful little French kitchen this summer. But now that we've had it in my son's room for a time, I can wholeheartedly recommend it as a special holiday gift. My son absolutely loves playing with the cabinets, cooktop, sink and all the accompanying pots and play food, which feature sliceable velcro. $100 (Justine).


I know most kids prefer to open toys during the holidays (at even age 2, clothes often get glanced at and then cast aside during a present-opening frenzy), but when they're little tots, you may still get away with giving them a special little outfit like this Double Wall Jacket made from organic merino wool. $98 (Jenna).


I love the sleek, minimal look of these scooters from Italtrike. Comes in 3 cheery finishes with each color corresponding to an age range (blue, with 2 back wheels is for 1-2 years, orange for 2-4, yellow for 4-6). $159.99-169.99 (Jenna).


Lacking a horse and sleigh, if you're searching for a design classic to take your little one's over the river and through the woods this holiday season, take a look at LL Bean. Custom crafted in Canada from kiln-dried northern hardwood, this graceful little sled come is three options: Sled alone for $89; with jolly red cushion for $109; and with handle for $159. All make for a great day of sledding, and the handled option can be used much like a stroller for snow hiking or even skating! (Justine).


I don't know any kid who isn't delighted and engaged with a marble or ball run. This one's especially nice because it can be configured in various ways and is sized just right for toddlers. $114.95 (Jenna).


The Hamptons Rocking Horse from Pastel Toys borrows it's design from classic rocking horses, but manages to pull it off without being too nostalgic. I love that the seat is enclosed on 3 sides and the bar and strap further allows little ones to enjoy the ride. Pastel Toys is also a company that has a cool story which you can read on the website. $157.95 (Jenna).

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Beautiful selections! I want to buy EVERYTING!!!

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