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01. 03. 2008

Ride-on wooden digger - for very lucky children


This may be the ultimate vindication for any elderly relative you may have with a fondness for the phrase, 'Kids today - they don't know they're born.' In fact, much as I admire this wooden digger, part of me just can't help thinking how I never had anything quite that amazing when I was growing up.

The levers you see in the picture above can be used in combination to actually scoop sand out of your sandpit and deposit it elsewhere - the ideal activity for a very lucky little boy or girl.

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Cool. Is there an actual product name, or tip on where to buy this thing? Without that, this is a "man, I'd love to get one of those" with no idea how/where to actually find one.

I LOVE this toy. Do you have a link to the creator? Where can we get one?

Can you post a link for purchase / further details?

Oops, massive apologies to all those above - a missed letter in my html lost the link. It should be there now. £125 from Holz Toys.

Wow. I think a shovel is good enough for us. Actually, I think my son would prefer to use his hands. :)

OMG! Yes, kids are definitely lucky in the new & improved toy department. Image...we all had to get our hands dirty when we wanted to dig around in the dirt. Poor us!

One of my uncles made a similar digger for our family cottage when I was very young... only instead of sitting on top of the cab part, you were on a seat and pulling the gears to move the scoops like in real life!

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