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01. 29. 2008

The Dottasaurus Rex tail makes for loud dress up times


Whenever we go to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, we always visit the little display that allows children to wear little costumes that make them look like dinosaurs. To our dismay, the costumes are never sold in the gift shop, but the Dottasaurus Rex Dinoraur Tail makes up for at least part of it.

Made out of reclaimed fabric and with many shapes on the tail, this is an easy to wear piece for dress up. Does any child ever get tired of pretending to be a dinosaur? Of course not. Heck, I still pretend to be a dinosaur when no one is looking.


Posted by ben    Category: fashion
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It's sold out. Can you ask if they'll make more?

Thanks so much for the unexpected and totally flattering plug. I just learned of it from a tail buyer. :)

In response to the comment above - The style shown is indeed sold out, however there are some other versions in stock.. I will be adding more green tails soon as well.

Thanks again!

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