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02. 19. 2008

Nestt - the latest in car seat innovation


With the possible exception of the Maxi Cosi and Orbit, design-wise car seats still seem to be lagging behind other baby products. Perhaps this is OK, because they are the one item where safety is paramount. But what if we could have both? If the creative folks at ThinkThing have anything to say about it, soon we will. For this Chicago-based design team has just conceive a most ingenious creation. Meet the latest in car seats: the Nestt.

Much like the real thing, Nestt's egg provides the perfect environment to sustain your little one - combining protective exterior and cozy interior with simplicity of form and function. Perched atop a minimalist, steel base, the hard shell features an embedded steel safety cage for maximum side-impact protection. An air suspension system, coupled with a removable, memory foam core envelope baby in cushy comfort and Nestt comes array of cool colors, including custom orders. But the Nestt doesn't stop with design and safety, practicality is also paramount. Thus, with one, single-handed move, parents can tilt the seat at any angle to best suit baby’s developmental needs, or (my favorite) swivel the seat to completely face the door! Yeh, no more (or at least, less) struggling to heft Toddler into the seat!!

Nestt is currently looking for a US manufacturer, but with such an excellent product, I can’t imagine it will be too long before this egg hits the shelves. Now if only they’d make a compatible stroller. But I wonder what they’d call it…



Via Mocoloco.

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Thanks for this cool baby gear find! Love that it swivels as well, it's tough on my arms and back having to lift our toddler over into her car seat.

I just noticed in my One Step Ahead catalog that they make a swivel car seat as well. It's not as pretty, but not too bad either, and it's available now.

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