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02. 11. 2008

The Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer


Keeping a house clean is probably one of the more challenging parts of being a parent. There is always something dirty, from the dishes, to the floor, to the bedding... you name it. Anything that helps keep things clean and sanitary *without using chemicals* is welcome, and the Germ Guardian Nursery Sanitizer is certainly good to have around for that reason.

It uses dry heat to kill germs, and it does it in around a half an hour. So if you drop a pacifier, or need a clean bottle, or anything else that's small that you need germ-free quickly, this is a nifty device to have around. Just put in your dirty items, hit a button, and forget it about; the device shuts off automatically when it's done.

Posted by ben    Category: bath/health
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Half an hour? Every item in that picture can be boiled (without using chemicals) in 10 minutes!

Now if it sanitized in under a minute, it might be worth the $50 price tag, and the counter space.

I'm thinking that in the long run, this will cause more harm than good. There's pretty good evidence that our obsession with sanitation and sterilization is the reason for the upswing in allergies and asthma we've seen in the last few decades. Mind, I'm not advocating letting the kid wallow in filth, but most kids need some dirt and germs to exercise their immune systems. For kids with compromised immune systems this is a great idea, but for most others...

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