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03. 26. 2008

Soft Buggycup from Think King


If you're like me, you've tried a few cup attachments for the stroller with little success. After a while, they just get in the way and you end up taking it off in frustration. Think King has invented a different sort of stroller cup called the Buggy Cup: it's a soft container made from durable silver nylon mesh that attaches to the stroller with velcro. What I love about the cup is that it becomes an extra pocket for those items that you want to keep readily accessible - snacks, drinks, keys, and other miscellaneous items. I have to admit I haven't tried putting a drink in the cup because for the last few days I've stored gloves and hats in there, oddly enough, but it's perfect for stuff like that.

I have a Phil and Ted's, and Buggy Cup designer King-yee Man admits that the Phil and Ted's is the one stroller where you have to play around with to find a good location to strap the cup to, but I have it on the very end of the handle using 2 of the velcro straps to hold the Buggy cup upright (I attach the second to the velcro on the seat actually) and it's been working very well. King also suggest strapping it lower near the seat so that your toddler can reach in and grab snacks herself. Genius!

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Would a sippy cup fit in one of these?

Hi Sandra,
It does, although not if it has excessively wide handles - the kind for younger toddlers and infants. But sippies with no handles fit fine.

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