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05. 13. 2008

Cute and simple: wooden animal instruments


Our daughter is just recuperating from a bout of chickenpox, and with stay-at-home dad going stir-crazy after five days of quarantine, I popped into our local toyshop to see what I could take home to cheer them both up.

These wooden animal instruments caught my eye immediately. The bright colours, simple designs and appealing characters - plus the reasonable prices - made them an obvious choice. And when the spots started to itch, I noticed wryly that the name of the piece you see below is 'Scratchy Frog'.


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These look great. Do you know where to order them in the U.S.?

Hi Kathy,

Sorry, a little research shows me that they're manufactured by Marbel, a British company which only appears to ship to the UK. I can only suggest that you contact them to ask if they have any US distribution.

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