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06. 23. 2008

Doctor's Kit


My youngest daughter loves to play doctor. She has a doctor’s kit that she takes everywhere; but it’s huge and bulky and not very inspired. This one, however, does it for me. I love that the doctor’s bag is made of tin and the size of a lunch box, and that it comes with more real-life looking accessories for hours upon hours of imaginative play, including a fabric bandage, prescription pad and pencil and a tube with mini pills which I’ll have to keep an eye on. Can’t wait to have her cure me and the rest of her dolls, brother, sister, dad and so on.

Posted by Gabriela    Category: toys
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I bought this for my son four years ago for his third birthday. Kept him entertained for hours at a wedding, although I did have to wear the yellow bandage throughout the ceremony. The pills are tiny, but the paint is non-toxic, so I guess as long they are accidentally swallowed and not just choked on, it's OK. ;)

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