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07. 09. 2008

Adiri Natural Nurser


In the continual search for the adequate baby bottle, the Adiri seems to fit the bill. Not only is it made from safe materials, it also mimics breast feeding like no other bottle and reduces air ingestion to prevent colic, something most baby bottles reputedly do. I happen to like the design, the nipple is protected by a sleek cover that prevents leakage and the bottle comes in three different flow rates. Seems like the Adiri is THE one recommended by doctors, nurses and lactation consultants worldwide. Worth a shot.


Posted by Gabriela    Category: mealtime
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Right before my son was born I purchased 2 bottles in each flow rating. The design is beautiful but these bottles have a serious flaw. The cap at the bottom the screws on has some kind of venting system. When you put the bottle in water when trying to heat up the milk, the venting system leaks out milk, and a lot of it. I really wanted these bottles to work for us but we had to go with a different bottle because of this flaw. Now I have 6 of these bottles just sitting at home.

I got one of those to try and it didn't go well. My 5 month old breastfeeder is tongue-tied (short frenulum) and the nipple was just too short and firm for him. Plus, it seemed to keep leaking from everywhere unless everything was just right. Maybe I just wasn't doing something properly, but I would never be able to toss it in my bag because of the leaking. And it would be other people who would give it to him mostly so they wouldn't know the tricks already.

i love these bottles, but for the $ we could not afford enough to keep from washing after every feeding.

Antonio: can you e-bay them?

Antonio! Thanks so much for your comments. They will be so useful to our readers who consider making this purchase. I too like the design, but haven't used them. Best to you.

I was ready to buy a set of these for our second child but was really turned off by the reviews on Amazon. Maybe these bottles just "look nice."

We purchased the 6 month+ bottle for our 6-month-old son. The flow volume is waaaay too high for a breast-fed baby. We gave it away because he choked each time he drank from it. I'd suggest the slower flow rates if you mostly breastfeed.

We heated his milk in a bag then transferred it to the bottle, so no leakage problems from the venting system.

Based on reviews, I anticipated leaks. However, I was disappointed that my 3 week old had trouble latching onto the nipple correctly. He didn't know what to do with the tiny nipple. He did manage to suck some milk out but the flow was very fast for him and he choked. We won't be using this bottle.

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