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07. 01. 2008

Egg-shaped incubator

egg-shaped incubator

Here's an interesting project from a UK Product Design student that caught my eye: Doug Campbell chose to concentrate on the incubators used in hospitals for newborn babies. We're all used to seeing the box-shaped incubators that have been around since the concept was first introduced, but Campbell has come up with a prototype for the first egg-shaped incubator.

In truth, it sounds like his main innovations are in allowing the incubator to be moved up or down vertically, ensuring that parents and medical staff can both get easy access. For mothers recovering from a birth, this particularly benefits the bonding process.

The shape would appear to be a largely aesthetic choice from Campbell, although it presumably allows a slightly enhanced access - and is apparently easier to clean. He cites Bill Stumpf as a design influence, but in truth, what could be more apt for an incubator than an egg shape?

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As a NICU mom, I just don't see this as good design. It is cute, but it would probably be only for babies that are doing very well, or babies ready to go home. There isn't any openings for the equipment. At one time my baby had IVs everywhere, including his head, plus all of the monitoring equipment and his ventilator. Even now, some of his equipment needs to be elevated. The incubator he is in now, while a little clunky, is still better designed.

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