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07. 28. 2008

Modernistic airport from Pintoy


I suppose it is for reasons of access, but the open, curvy skeleton design of this airport both amuses and delights me: it makes me think of the Jetsons.

You can always rely on Pintoy for visually pleasing and robust playsets. This one even has a number of features that any kid, but particularly those who have been through the whole airport experience themselves, will love: it includes a baggage conveyor belt, check-in counter; security scanner, baggage carousel, walk-through metal detector, and a luggage trolley.

In fact, as I write that out, I begin to realise there are plenty of opportunities for a little cynical play from the adults after the kids have gone to bed. For example, who wouldn't put one of the figures by the check-in counter, arguing with the ground staff over baggage weight restrictions?

Less snarkily speaking, the detail is so great that this would be a useful toy for prepping your kid for his or her first trip by air.

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