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07. 21. 2008

The Buddy Bath by OK Baby


My husband and I were recently over in France for a wedding. The dollar being what it is, we decided to make the airfare worth it and hit Germany and Switzerland on our way there. Naturally, we went to a lot of baby stores and had to restrain ourselves from buying a lot of cute clothes, toys and gadgets over there (lest we get hit with a hefty baggage weight fee). This Buddy bath by the Italian company OK Baby was one of those gadgets. I believe what my husband actually said was, "Where the heck was this when we had our baby?!?!"


We loved this bath because it allowed wiggle room for baby's arms and legs, unlike most infant baths which seem a bit tight once baby has a few months under his belt. (By the way, the Buddy is for babies from 0-8 months.) A suction cup base allows you to use this bath in an adult sized tub without fear of slipping. Had we the space (or, most importantly, a new baby), we would have snatched this up and made room in our luggage.

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A word of warning with these.... they have received a lot of criticism in Europe due to safety concerns mostly to do with complacency around water.

Thanks, Kat. I can see where it would be an issue. Obviously, it goes without saying that you must watch your child like a hawk when around water.

Primo makes a white one that is sold at Giggle stores. We've used one for the last 3 years. It's great! http://www.giggle.com/p/14610/c/561/cl/602/Infant-Bath-Seat.aspx

We had one v similar from Mothercare (UK store) for our daughter. As she was very tiny (and very wriggly) this was used until she was 12 months. I can see what they mean about the safety concerns, but I think you would have the same problem with any bath item (the sit-in bath seats have had similar criticism and I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole), but I found it gave me a lot more confidence than just a wet and slippery baby on its own in the bath, especially when bathing with her toddler brother.

We have the Daphne bathseat (looks similar to the Buddy one), it was great in a condo with no room to store a baby tub. It also has an adjustable between-the-legs support bar, so that as baby gets longer, you can move it down. Many stores in my city (Toronto) sell it, it's on the web too: http://www.amazon.com/Daphne-Bath-Seat/dp/B000HC8X14

I could find OKbaby products in Shanghai, and I am so happy with the buddy bath wich I am using from 3 months. Of course you must wacth at your baby, is common sense, but u can do it in much more confident and relaxed way, ever.

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