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08. 05. 2008

Toy drip coffee set: early barrista skills at the ready


If you're one of those parents who, like me, has an early-morning 'no pestering until I have a cup of coffee down me' rule, you might like this wooden drip coffee kit. It'll give your kids something to tinker with while you fumble with the real thing.

I was going to say that it's slightly odd to give your kids something to play with that they wouldn't use themselves in real life, but then I realised that it's not radically different from that very traditional kids' toy, the tea set.

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I absolutely love this!

It might not seem the norm now but with increasingly numbers of people having what I call "posh" coffee machines in their house, it might not be long before these truly do replace the tea set of the best.

Great find!

Get them prepared by teaching them how to blow a $200,000 education on serving lattes for a living, I always say.

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