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09. 26. 2008

Puka Puka mobiles


Babies just love mobiles. Well, doesn't everyone, really? Their movements are so hypnotic. Especially if you're sleep deprived. But even in these days of greater design sensibilities, most infant mobiles are still frankly quite hideous, or they have so many bells and whistles that they're anything but soothing.

That's why I love these beautiful mobiles by Puka Puka. In my mind, Puka Puka, which is Japanese for "an object gently floating in space," is the perfect moniker for these graceful creations by Sydney mom Nina Still. Inspired by her favorite Australian landscapes, each one-of-a-kind mobile is handcrafted using high quality steel wire, as well as non-toxic, polypropeline plastic, which is manufactured locally in Australian and is 100% recyclable. Nina's "Sprout" collection (above) is specifically designed so that newborns can see the entire mobile while lying in their cribs. Can't find the color scheme you're looking for? Don't fret. Nina loves custom orders!


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