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09. 18. 2008

Bump Box: the answer to your maternity wardrobe dilemmas


The Bump Box would have been the answer to all my prayers when I was pregnant. In the one box, you get a black skirt, top, camisole and trousers, all in stretch jersey. They can be worn together in various combinations, or of course mixed in to your existing wardrobe. At £85, it's an economical purchase that will see you through your entire pregnancy (and beyond), looking to be quite smart enough for the office or for evening dos, but equally comfortable for casual occasions.

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Some company used to make something similar and sold it in the US. I'd seen it many times at Nordstrom in my youth.

I was pregnant last year and when I was big enough, I headed straight for the hosiery department to buy a set. And, of course, they didn't exist any more. Bah!

hi Rebecca,

you might wanna check out this site. They have a set that goes for $420.


Irene, I've got to say that is a superior set of options they offer on Isabella Oliver - I am impressed how they cover all bases.

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