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10. 10. 2008

Mini Pogo and Pogo - the piggy bank / stool combo


Here's a cute idea, albeit one I can't imagine quite working in real life: buy a child a piggy bank (the 'mini pogo'), and when it's filled up with money, they'll have enough to buy a larger version - the 'pogo' - which is a stool.

I'm not sure of the scale of these things from the pictures, and thus it's not clear just how much money it would take to buy the stool. But let's face it, any child with more than a few bucks in hand is going to have their sights set on things other than a piece of furniture.

That said, both pieces are nice enough, as you can see for yourself on creator Joel Escalona's website.

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I'm not sure if a little one could sit or stand on such a rounded top...if those are the stools...

I'd have to agree with you that few children would choose to spend their savings on a stool... and I hope that even if they did their parents would encourage them down another path.

That said, with the popularity of urban vinyl these days I can see parents falling prey to the lure of the full sized version despite having entered the store with intent to purchase only the mini.

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