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11. 05. 2008

Lull: a blooming light

closed light

In nature we see true beauty, and when designers manage to emulate even just one small part of that, their products really touch the soul. To see the full effect of this 'blooming' light (in the literal sense, not the mild curse-word replacer), check out the embedded YouTube video on the designers, Kollstad's, site.

The shade opens wide in the morning, just as a flower responds to the rising sun, and gradually closes at bed time. You can find out more on the dedicated Lull site. Definitely worth a look, and, surely, a really nice idea for a soothing journey to sleep.

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So beautiful! Wow. I always want different qualities of light for the different times of the day & this does it all. I love it.

When I tried one of those lights that's supposed to mimic sunlight I have to admit that it didn't do anything for me... 300 totally wasted.

With presentation as cool as this I might actually give it another shot.

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