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12. 08. 2008

Holiday Gift Guide 2008

In production for more then 50 years, nothing says tradition like this graceful Baltic rocking horse. Modern, yet timeless, it’s sure to be enjoyed for generations to come. $80. (Justine)

Beautiful set of 3 spinning handmade tops by Sleeping Forest Studio are sure to be heirlooms that can be passed down. $24. (Jenna)

Guard little ones against chill winds and seasonal snowstorms with this homemade alpaca snowflake set, 0-9 months. £45.00. (Myf)

This fantastic multi-colored,10-piece tea set from Ikea is hard to resist at this price. $9.99. (Gab)

Fairy-tale lovers will enjoy stacking the mattresses on the princess bed, complete with its own pea, £65.00. (Myf)

We keep hearing from various sources that Magnatiles, while not cheap, is the best toy ever. I'm sold and the kids will find it under the tree this year. $49.95 (Jenna)

UK store Habitat extends its mantra of classic, minimal living to its dollshouse. £79.00, in-store only. (Myf)

This winter, don’t wait for Mother Nature. Create your own winter wonderland with a magical mobile from Royal Buffet. Handcrafted from vintage and recycled paper, each gently cascading flurry is as unique a snow flake. $15 - $36. (Justine)

Wooden sculpture magic tree. Comes with 12 colored pencils. $38. (Gab)

As if you need to up the cuddle-factor of a small baby, especially in this time of visiting friends and family... but heck, push it to the max, why not? Reversible teddy fleece, just £20.00. (Myf

For a more modern twist on a classic, Swiss design guru, Momoll, created this delightful barn. Festive yet functional, its doors open on each side and the red roof flips up. Pair with Momoll’s charming set of wooden animals for years of fun. $170. (Justine)

Cute crocheted goods, just as we've come to expect from Anne-Claire Petit – this time it's dachsunds. The perfect shape for a stocking?! €23.00.

A lovely surprise, choose pink or blue. Fun stuff in a bag. $37 (Gab)

This winter, your child can have his own polar pet to follow him wherever he goes. Crafted in Nova Scotia from local hardwood, he’s painted with milk paint and coated with a fine finish of natural beeswax. $32. (Justine)

This impressive wooden crane is sure to please any building and construction enthusiast in your house. $88. (Jenna)

UK store Habitat always offers a few distinctive holiday gifts – how about this soft and friendly dinosaur, £15.00? (Myf)

Aspiring physicians will appreciate this jolly medical kit from FAO Schwarz. Made of wood, it comes complete with stethoscope, syringe, scissors, thermometer, tray, doctor's smock, surgical mask, and medicine. $42. (Note as of this writing FAO was out of stock, but promised more soon. If not, Haba has a great kit too.) (Justine)

A perfect project for after the holiday blow-out: a simple sew-your-own doll kit from Clothkits; from £15.00, several designs available. (Myf)

A pair of red shoes. From TOMS, the goodwill shoe company. You give, you get. $34. (Gab)

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What a lovely list. Everything is beautiful and practical.

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