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12. 01. 2008

Kid Balance (Scooter/Bike)


As I sat down to write about the Kid Balance, my son came up, and upon spying the pictures said, "Oooooo." So I guess I can stop writing because that about sums it up.

Ok, ok, in case you want a little more info, I'll continue. Yes, it's orange and wood (my requisites for cool style), but what makes it sooooo cool is that not only is it a balance bike, but it's also a scooter AND peddle bike. Conceived and created by Dutch designer Niels Smeltink, with just a few simple adjustments this multifunctional bike can be converted to suit your child's developmental stages or personal whims. As my son went on to add, " I need that." "But honey," I reminded him. "You already have a bike." "Yes, but I need a bike AND a scooter." Well there you have it.


Via Kidsmodern.

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Gorgeous and I'm sure so practical. Between my daughter's Like-a-Bike and Razor, learning to ride a two-wheeler was a breeze for her. I'm a huge fan of tossing the training wheels and learning to balance on one's own. This beautiful creation looks like the best of all worlds.

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