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01. 28. 2009

Spoonflower, for nursery decor or toys


I know that Spoonflower has been featured heavily all over the print media and the blogosphere over the past few weeks, but I thought it was worth highlighting from a children's design point of view.

Just in case you've been away and missed this new phenomenon, Spoonflower is an internet service which allows you to print your own designs on fabric, on demand - and the prices aren't bad. Clearly this leads to all kinds of possibilities for curtains, dresses, cushions, you name it - but most especially for children.

For example, have you thought of getting one of your kid's best drawings transferred to fabric, from which you could make a bag, a cushion, or even clothing? Personalised clothing with a name on it just became a breeze, and some enterprising types have already designed cut-out dolls, which, ordered in multiple, could make a great gift stand-by. How do I know? Because there is also the option to sell your designs to other visitors to the site, meaning that if you come up with some good designs, you could also be looking at a stream of income that's entirely compatible with parenthood.



* images courtesy of the Spoonflower Fabric Pool

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That is so cool. Where can you get the templates for the animals like the giraffe above?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have just saved me a load of headache as I was becoming seriously bored with fabric hunting and not finding what I want!

Hi Jenna!

I used spoonflower to make some dolls. I love it and am working on a new batch with color corrections to fabric. My only concern is the new regulations on items for kids under 12. They are probably not responsible to test their fabric for lead since fabric is not necessarily meant to be used on children's products. I emailed them but, no response.


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