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01. 30. 2009

the Mighty Buggy Hook


Let me introduce you to the The Mighty Buggy Hook -it may very well be the most useful and practical stroller accessory that you will purchase this year. If you're used to looping shopping bags over the handles of umbrella strollers like the Maclaren, then you've most certainly found yourself at a loss if you've switched over to the single bar handle style strollers like the Phil and Ted. Where exactly are we supposed to hang shopping bags or backpacks? After purchasing cheap plastic stroller hooks that broke after a few months of use, I've rigged up quite a few interesting ad-hoc methods of hooking bags to my stroller. Think King's buggy hook (remember their soft buggy cup?) is made from a lightweight aluminum hook that is strong and won't break. It attaches to your stroller with velcro straps and and is versatile enough to fit all strollers. After a few weeks of use, we love it and have been happily overloading our strollers with grocery bags every since.

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I just bought the Hook'n'Stroll (http://www.happymummy.com/outandabout.html) and they're really great hooks. The plastic is very thick and the hook can rotate 360 degrees while it can also tilt all the way to the sides. Seems sturdier than this one you show here (I'd be very weary of the hook's direct attachment to the velcro strap).

Thanks for the tip Bruno. After having used 2 different plastic hooks that both eventually broke, I am done with them and am glad to have found these metal ones. I can assure you that these are very sturdy.

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