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04. 29. 2009

Hop 'n' squeak shoes


Ach, so many things in the world, so few of them truly vital. And so many of the non-vital ones marketed directly at parents. But that thought aside, Hop 'n' Squeak shoes might be fun.

Designed to get kids up from crawling and onto their two feet (which, let's not forget, they will do eventually with or without encouragement), the shoes feature a small 'squeaker' on each sole, supposedly encouraging the child to walk. Don't worry, if it becomes irritating, the squeaker can be removed.

The shoes come in some pleasant designs for both boys and girls, and the squeak could be a fun extra, it's true.


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It's 100% true - had a toddler in my Sunday school class with these. They are very cute and do make a little squeak (like a puppy toy would make) with each and every step.

These shoes are also great for a crowded playground. They are like baby GPS for finding your speedy child!

I absolutely love these shoes. I found a pair at my local kids' consignment store gently used and bought them for my (then infant) daughter. They are beautifully made, sturdy, and wear well. Ours were bought used and have been worn regularly by my daughter for several months now and still look nearly new.

My daughter loves the squeakers and in fact learned to walk independently while wearing them because she was so thrilled with the sound! When I asked her if she wanted to wear the shoes she would excitedly stomp her feet to show me she did. Toddler stamp of approval!

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