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04. 21. 2009

Lifft - the lifestyle sling

Lifft sling

Prior to visiting the Lifft website, I'd have thought there's no way you can make a baby sling sexy. You sell it on its comfort, its ease of use or its strength, surely, but no one's pretending it's going to add to your overall coolness.

Hmm, seems I'm wrong. One look at the models in Lifft's publicity shots and it's quite clear that this sling is aimed squarely at young groovers for whom parenthood is, if not exactly secondary in importance to hair gel and sharp tailoring, then not that far ahead either.

Good thing there is also some practical design behind the thing too. A page off their site will fill you in on the benefits to your spine from this style of baby-carrier. Then once you've reassured yourself, you can go on to see which colourway will best match your hipster outfit.

Lifft sling

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I don't quite get why the big logo is on it?

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