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04. 23. 2009

Mama Tea


There's not much to see as yet on the still-under-construction website of Mama Tea, but what there is shows some nice design to back up the concept.

Now we just have to wait and see whether the good design hints that the products will come at a premium, and is herbal tea just herbal tea at the end of the day, no matter how appealing the packaging? Or are these specially-tailored blends truly beneficial to pregnant and nursing mothers, above and beyond what is already on the market?

It is so complicated living in a world where we are all advert-literate and hype-wary. It's possible I'm thinking too much, and that what I really need is a nice, calming cup of herbal tea.

Posted by Myf    Category: pregnancy
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i read somewhere that chamomile tea is bad for moms-to-be. has anyone else heard of this?

Hi from Mama Tea! Glad you like the design. I wanted to create herbal tea that tastes good as well as being beneficial for mums to be! All of our teas have been blended by a Master Tea Blender to taste good. We have just launched our site and will soon be selling the teas online. I will send you some samples to try!

Anna Louise (Founder of Mama Tea)

Hey all.

Alex from Line here (web designers for mamatea) - you can now see the website live, at the above URL.

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