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05. 13. 2009

Bunny hat


Ah, crochet: such a gentle art. So perfect for baby clothes like this sweet bunny-eared beany hat.

But look closer: this isn't quite the crocheted item your Auntie Hilda would have made. No, the little skull and crossbones gives it an altogether edgy feel. Part of the ever-growing movement to reclaim crafts for the trendy, I guess - and an excellent purchase for those who like their kid to look cute from a distance, cool close up. Or indeed, cute to Auntie Hilda's ever-failing eyes, cool to your friends' sharper peepers.

Posted by Myf    Category: fashion
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dude, that's knit. not crochet.

The hat is knitted, the EARS are crochet.

Still totally cute.

Why don't you have more commenters?

Thanks for the comments! ;)
Amy, maybe I should make a few "deliberate" mistakes to attract some more.

But OK, my bad, the shop describes it as crocheted and I didn't stop to look closely.

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