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09. 09. 2009

This storage box makes your home look cool


The day I look at an image like this and don't think 'but I could make that myself' will be the day that I have lost it. Crate, wheels, bingo: the coolest children's storage device on the block.

But then, would my crate be so artfully printed? Would my wheels be the right kind (those orange ones are the coolest!)? There is a part of me that would like to be able to throw a few bucks at a company like Rose and Grey and say, ok, then, work your edgy, urban magic on my nursery decor.

I do have to say it makes a change from the pastel or plastic furniture normally foisted upon us. At first glance, I'd have thought it was marketed to adults, but check out those contents. This is designed to buy you back your rough-and-ready cool while still allowing your kids to have their toys.

Just, you know, I could make it myself. If I had time.

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The orange wheels makes the crate really cool.

Otherwise it were just some crates....

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