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02. 16. 2010

Trunki accessories

Trunki tote bag

Once people try the ride-on suitcase known as the Trunki, they tend to be converted. We certainly were, though I must admit that continued use does reveal a few flaws in the design.

One frustration is that if your Trunki is filled with amusements for your journey, it is actually hard to open it up on the go without everything spilling out from the other side.

It looks like Trunki has spotted this problem themselves, and now address it with two new add-ons. Choose from the Tote, a pouch which fits within the case and can easily be removed, or the Saddlebag, which fits over the top and can carry crayons and comics, while also functioning as a seat. It also has a few fun features such as a squeaker.

Of course, each of these extras costs a little bit more, and does actually nod to a failure in the original design, but they should enhance your Trunki experience. See these, and a range of other accessories, on the UK Trunki site; they do not yet seem to be available on the US site, but it's worth keeping an eye open if you are interested.

Trunki-Saddle bag

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