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04. 14. 2010

Bubs Bears - made from old baby clothes

Bubs Bears

Someone mentioned to me the other day an idea that I've heard from a few sources: that, rather than give treasured baby clothes away, one might make a quilt from them. That way, you can keep your memories forever, salvage clothes that may be too worn to pass on, and still retain something useful.

All of which sounds really good, until you realise that some of your clothes are just wrong for quilting: stretchy babygros for example? Well, it's doable maybe, but not by an amateur like me.

But Bubs Bears on the other hand? They have had a similar but better idea: they make teddy bears from your fabrics. Stretch cotton is going to work much better in some of those small panels than it would on an unforgiving flat canvas.

It's funny how much nostalgia can be carried in an item of clothing that has lived through those emotional early baby years with you. Well, now you can snuggle up to them, and nobody will think askance.

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