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05. 24. 2010

Chinny Chin Chin kids' clothes


Some people put me to shame. I mean, I regularly use the fact that I have a full-time job and a kid as an excuse not to do the dishes, let alone as a reason why I haven't set up a spectacularly desirable line of kids' clothing.

But Esther Croak of Fort Collins, Colorado, is a full-time teacher, has three (adorable) kids, and somehow finds the time to put together a clothing line that is not merely adequate but quite honestly quite unlike anything else that's out there.

I'm not sure what her secret is - whether it's the vintage repurposed fabrics or the verging-on-adult clothing shapes, or some combination of the two. Croak professes to adore her job, but I fear that if she carries on designing clothes to this standard, she may just have to leave it to meet the demand.

See the full range on Etsy, and read the accompanying blog here.


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