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01. 06. 2011

What's more waterproof than an umbrella?

umbrella tops

First of all, apologies that the image is so small. Believe me, if we could have sourced a larger picture online, we'd be using it. But the idea behind No-Mal, a recycled top from Swiss designers Tät-tat, is good enough to feature nonetheless.

These kids' aprons are made from old recycled umbrellas. Genius! For what could be more liquid-repellent? Sling the worst excesses of your paint at it; unleash your messiest toddler eater. For these retired umbrellas, it just adds variety to their previous single-purpose lives. And what's more, you're allowed a certain degree of smugness for the recycling brownie points, so it's win-win.

From the picture, it looks like sizes range from petite and dainty, to full-size golfing umbrellas, which, it has to be said, is a good look. And if they ever run out of raw materials, they should come to my wind-ravaged hometown. Every bin has an umbrella stuck in it.

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