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02. 20. 2011

Natsko Seki prints

playground by Natsko Seki

I popped into London's Tate Modern gallery last week. It's a world-renowned institution of modern art, and yet, as always, I was far more interested in the shop than the galleries. Whoever does the curation of the goods on sale - especially in their kids' department - is at least as good as their actual art curators.

Over the next few weeks I'll be highlighting a few of my favourite finds from the Tate, most of which are also available elsewhere. They include some of the finest children's picture books and toys. But for now, I want to show you the limited edition prints of Natsko Seki.

Playground, above, comes as two almost precisely similar images: that's right, it's a fine art version of the 'spot the difference' game. With tiny, funny details, the game aspect means that this is an image that's likely to be looked at a whole lot more than any generic art you might buy for your kid's walls.

Seasons by Natsko Seki

Got more space to fill? Then Seki's prints of the seasons might suit. I've been feeling like this winter might never end, and I imagine that for a child, with less experience of the world, the coming of spring must seem like some kind of myth.

So it's good to have a visual assurance, in the shape of these beautiful prints, that the seasons just keep rolling round. I love the thumb-print style trees, and when I discovered that the four images can fit together to make one, I was sold. These are the kind of images that imprint themselves on a young mind, and stay with you until adulthood. Just the thing for a more refined nursery wall.

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