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04. 07. 2011

Paul Frank for Elodie Details

Paul Frank bandana bib

Is anyone sick of Julian the monkey yet? Putting aside the question of just how long Paul Frank can capitalise on a single motif, I guess it's an attractive image to the babies out there. Friendly face, big ears, plus, they've just been born so they haven't already seen it like a million and one times.

Anyway, Elodie Details has teamed up with Paul Frank and put out a capsule range of goodies, including the bottle and bandana bib you see here, plus some dummies and a blanket.

To be fair, they haven't just slapped a monkey on some stuff: a bit of good design has gone into these things. The numbering on the bottle is extra large, to make those 4 am blurry-eyed feeds just that bit easier. The pacifier clip has a squeak in it. The bibs absorb moisture. That monkey's not just a pretty face, you know.

Paul Frank feeding bottle

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