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05. 28. 2011

Tangle teezer, where have you been all my (baby's) life?

Tangle Teezer

As my daughter's hair grew longer, mornings grew more fraught. I didn't like being the mum who made her daughter sob every morning, but then again I didn't want us to be late for school, either - and the tangles in her hair were getting more and more stubborn. Hair brushing was well on its way to becoming "a thing".

So last time we were at the hairdresser's, I warned them not to brush too vigorously, and that's when they got out their Tangle Teezer. Seriously, not a peep was heard.

Now, no design-conscious home is going to be crying out to have one of these on display - hot pink, as pictured above, is about the most appealing of the colour choices available. But anyone with a kid who's prone to squealing, wriggling and running away when the hairbrush emerges will be sure to forgive its looks at first try.

The trick's in some extremely fine plastic bristles: why no-one's thought of this before, I have no idea. With this single small purchase, we've gone from sending a tousled urchin to school each morning to having the glossiest child on the block, which I can tell you is not a position I ever expected to be in.

Available in the USA in Sally stores and in the UK from their own website, Tangle Teezers cost around $10.00 or £10.00.

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