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06. 23. 2011

New stuff from Boon

Gosh, where does the time go? I don't know, you close your eyes for a moment and before you know it Boon have come out with a ton of new products. What do you mean, 2006 isn't a moment ago? OK, our bad - 'cos that's when we last featured them.

Well, in the meantime, out has come all this totally inspired... stuff. Which I will now attempt to rattle through, for those who have taken their eye off the ball just like we have.


And, talking of balls, the Snack ball is a very handy out-and-about container that your baby will also love to play with once it's emptied. This is the first thing that struck my eye, because - unlike a lot of the items in this post - it's available in the UK as well as the States. Looks like Boon have brought it out in a few new colours Stateside, too.


Snackballs are small. Highchairs are kind of... big. Good thing we gave them all that time to be getting on with stuff, eh? This exceptionally cool one has a pneumatic lift, is moulded in a single piece so there's nowhere for crumbs to go, and comes in 4 exceedingly funky colourways, at $280.


Here's a niche in the market nicely filled - a scaled down shoe rack, just right for your burgeoning collection of beautiful bootees, probably sourced right here on Babygadget.


Another supercool product for bathtime (we showed you a predecessor in that 2006 post) are these mix-and-match creatures: the top fits to any bottom and vice versa.


Clever minds at work, here: a stretchy cover fits over almost any bowl and helps make it less prone to break when dropped.


This teething tether apparently uses the same fundamental idea as the old Chinese finger trap in order to keep it fixed in place: presumably the trap goes over the teething toy, and not your baby's finger!


Now THIS I would have called perfect, if it was, as I thought when I first saw it out of context on their website, five foot wide. It's actually quite a bit smaller, so operates more like a desk tidy. It can be used for bottles, spoons, your snackball (see above) and things of that size, and it's called the Stash.


Not convinced by any of the above? Well, this piece has stopped me calling Boon clever, and upgraded my description to genius. By the time your kid reaches the age of three, unless you keep an incredibly tight ship, you can be sure that there'll be an absolute proliferation of soft toys littering the place. The animal bag turns the problem into the solution - just stuff it with soft toys and there you have a beanbag to sit on - and a nice tidy room to put it in.

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