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07. 09. 2011



I don't get grossed out by very much. Most mums will tell you that once you've been through the nappy-changing years, not to mention the nose-wiping, unidentified-goo-picking-up, nit-combing, mud-pie-making years, you emerge pretty hardcore.

One thing I've never enjoyed, though, is the sound of my kid slurping up melted ice cream. So maybe I'm not as hard-boiled as I might like to think.

Thus, the Sip-n-spoon is one product that will not be ending up in our kitchen. Your kid eats with the spoon, and then once the ice cream has melted, they can suck it up through the hollow interior, like a straw.

Sure, I can see how clever it is; sure I can appreciate the amusement factor. It's just a personal bugbear.

Not as icked out as I am? It can be yours for $6.99.

Via Swiss Miss.

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