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09. 28. 2011

Amazing bedding

Chocolate bed cover

chocolate sheet

pencils duvet cover

pencils sheet

eraser pillowcase

Like the whole (female?) world, I am getting sucked into Pinterest more each day: it's very beguiling to have beautiful products floated in front of your eyes, sourced by like-minded souls all around the globe.

Now, by the time I've seen stuff on there, I'm aware that half Babygadget's readership probably has, too, so I've mostly held off from featuring them... but these bedcovers were just too great to skip.

From Aussie company Bedtoppings, each set has real humour and charm about it, as you can see. As well as the chocolate and pencil set shown (pencils currently out of stock), there is a sardine tin and a garden.

In Aus, it seems duvets are known as 'doonas': Designer and business owner Sophie Farquhar always dreamt of sleeping on a piece of toast with a buttered sheet and tin spaghetti doona. We have to admire that kind of ambition.

That pencil crayons motif is high on my wishlist - someone give us all a shout when it's back in stock!

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