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Having a baby can change your life, not to mention the amount of gear you end up needing. These days products for kids are so well designed, it's not surprising to want the latest baby gadgets...and why not? This is part of the fun in having kids. Babygadget, a publication of PopLife Media, hunts around for new, innovative, fun, sometimes wacky or highly functional and smartly designed products for little ones. But we're more than just a shopping guide. Babygadget shows you where designers and companies are going in their constant quest for innovation. These are definitely not the same baby gadgets you and your mom grew up with.

Babyg Crew
Myfanwy Nixon, Editor, Europe
Without ever meaning to, Myf fits into a whole lot of modern-day clichés: older mum, working mum, and main breadwinner mum. Myf is mother to a little girl, born January 2005. Before this benign dictator came into her life, she worked as a Search Editor for Lycos and MSN, and did an MA in Illustration. Now she works full time as a Web Editor for a global chain of language schools. Her special pleasure is in finding beautiful graphics and illustrations, and one day, she hopes to create picture books herself.


Justine Hand, Editor, East Coast
Ever since she banished her dolls from their home in favor of using it as a Lilliputian showroom, Justine has been interested in design. Her youth was spent creating blueprints for her dream home (always, always with a ballroom), playing dancing faeries in the forest, or styling new outfits for Betty and Veronica. After college, real life took over – insurance jobs, educational administration – until Justine found herself back in a creative field again: television production, where she created shows for Bravo, History Channel, VH1 and more. Then in 2005 the challenge of trying to create nursery for her son that was both creative and contemporary but most of all fun, led her to Babygadget and to her next career path: design blogger. Today this mother of two can still be found much as she once was: playing faeries in the forest with her own children or enlisting their help in finding groovy, new, pint-sized designs. Finally things come full circle!

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